December 8, 2016

Queensland's (Autralia) Positive People Launches Self-Testing Program

US still has no such thing

It's a simple observation with a serious question. The observation is that a program is being rolled out in Queensland, Australia to provide free self-testing kits to people primarily in rural areas where people face more barriers than in urban areas (although, no doubt, here in the US, there are many barriers to testing in urban areas as well.  According to QPP's executive officer, "A range of testing options with a client-centered approach is required to revers the trend in HIV notfications, and HIV self-testing enables people to decide where, when and how they would like to test."  For those who say that our current testing options are client-centered, consider this: if a person tests positive on a home test and seeks a confirmatory test at the local clinic, there is currently not likely to be a system in place to treat him/her any different from someone who did not take the self-test, so despite your anxiety, you'd first have to do all the pre-test questionnaire. Not very client-centered. Neither is withholding information about all testing options from clients - a routine practice.

The question is: what will it take for our calcified and entrenched testing process to change?